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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

GDC '07

So it was announced on GameOnRevolution Podcast 8 that Shigeru Miyamoto advised his 3rd party developer not to say anything about and upcoming games. Well video game fans it appears after day one of the GDC nothing was released at all about the Wii. However on other platform news...

In a GDC announcement, Microsoft has confirmed that the maximum total size of an Xbox Live Arcade download has been increased from 50MB to 150MB, while at the same time revealing a new 512MB memory card for $49.99 and cutting the price of the older 64MB model. Read the full story

Kicking off the Serious Games Summit, members of Square-Enix's newly established serious games unit discussed why the company decided to get into the space and gave an exclusive look at its serious Nintendo DS game intended to teach the joy of game development. Read the full story

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