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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

GDC update

EA outgoing CEO Larry Probst stated in an interview that the PS3 will end up being the number one game system when all the dust is cleared but it will take them some time. You can read the full artice from Gamasutra here.

GDC '07

So it was announced on GameOnRevolution Podcast 8 that Shigeru Miyamoto advised his 3rd party developer not to say anything about and upcoming games. Well video game fans it appears after day one of the GDC nothing was released at all about the Wii. However on other platform news...

In a GDC announcement, Microsoft has confirmed that the maximum total size of an Xbox Live Arcade download has been increased from 50MB to 150MB, while at the same time revealing a new 512MB memory card for $49.99 and cutting the price of the older 64MB model. Read the full story

Kicking off the Serious Games Summit, members of Square-Enix's newly established serious games unit discussed why the company decided to get into the space and gave an exclusive look at its serious Nintendo DS game intended to teach the joy of game development. Read the full story

Is Ironman the next marvel Movie??

Ign reports that Director Favreau has posted on his blog spot in myspace that Ironman sets are being built and the cast has been casted. you can read the full article here.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Rumors of Spiderman 4?

Welcome back true believers. posted an interview with Avi Arad. In this aritcle Avi discuss's Spiderman 3 and not ruling out a Spiderman 4. You can read the interview here. gives us their top 10 game anticipations has posted their most anticipated top 10 games for all the consoles. Check it out here.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sony files for Bankruptcy?

Check out this Spoof video from that displays this stunning turn of events. Guess the PS3 was the final downfall.

Mario Party 8 video

Thanks to Gamevideos for this video of Japanese players playing a mini-game in Mario Party 8.

Did you like the Buffy the Vampire games?

If you did then check out this new next-gen game for all you Vampire Here is a video from this game

More Wondercon News

For all you DC fans out there...Big news from Wondercon...WonderWoman is still a go for production. But the biggest news is that they will be making a Justice League movie. IGN has the article here.

WonderCon Spiderman 3 Spoilers

Hey fans...IGN has once again done it...For all you "True Believers" IGN has given us a review of the Spiderman 3 trailer privey to only the Wondercon Goers. Please be advised this review does describe the one and only VENOM. Did you think it was going to be that easy for me to give away? Go here to get the scoop!

Kingdom Hearts for the Wii???

Well fans is this possible?? GameOnRevolution posted a pic of this title. Could this be a new title for the Wii? Could Mario finally be able to fight the heartless?
Check out the article here!

Huge Developement news for Wii

IGN announce on March 1 that Vicious Cycle Software will be adding the Viscious Engine to the Wii Programming tools. What does this mean for new games? Check out the article.

A new Ready 2 Rumble?? Is this possible?

Again fans IGN.COM has let us in on a sneak of a possible franchise game continuing. click here. No platforms have been announced yet but, how cool would it be for this to be on the Wii? Let me know what you think fans.

huge Virtual console news for our European friends

On March 2 IGN.COM wrote about Streets of Rage is to be released on the Nintendo Wii console. click here for the article.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

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Check out this is a great friend of mine and we do podcasts together weekly